FSC Holiday Gift Guide

This season, shop FSC to let loved ones know you value products that uniquely support preserving forests for all, forever. Happy holidays!  

Toys and Games

Remove plastics from your kids toys and purchase natural wood prodcuts! 

FSC-certified toys

For the Tech lover

Combine modern tech with the beauty of wood for your loved ones.

FSC-certified tech

Home and Furnishing

Purchase furniture and home goods that promote forest protection.

FSC-certified furniture

Holiday Party Goods

Feel good about throwing holiday parties and buy certified paper products.

Party goods

For the Adventurer

Did you know rubber comes from trees? Which means these Yulex wetsuits are sustainably sourced!

FSC-certified rubber

Cards & Stationery

Send a eco frinedly holiday message this year with FSC-certified cards, calendars, and stationary.

FSC-certified cards

Look for the FSC label on products to support principles and actions that protect air, water, and our overall quality of life:

FSC Labels - 4 up

There are hundreds of FSC-certified products and brands available, from paper and tissue products to furniture. Download our Shopping Guide now to learn what and where to buy responsibly: