Sourcing FSC

Pro Tips

  • Specify FSC in project performance requirements
  • Include Chain-of-Custody* documentation as submittal requirement (*Unique to FSC in forest certification, chain of custody verifies that FSC-certified material has been identified and separated from non-certified material as it makes its way along the supply chain, from forest all the way through to final product. It provides assurance that the material originated from a well-managed forest.)
  • Don't assume - verify! Before sourcing building materials and other FSC products, visit to verify that companies are certified. All organizations with valied FSC certifications are included in this databse, so if they're not listed, they're not certified. In addition, require that that companies include an FSC claim on purchase invoices. 
  • Claims must include the company's Chain-of-Custody Certificate Code, which is a unique identifier connected to each certified company. Use to make sure the CoC number given matchs the acgtual company name associated with it. One company cannot use another's CoC number (such as using the CoC number of their vendor). Feel free to contact with questions.

Sample Specification Verbiage You Can Use:

[Product Name] shall be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. As proof, provide vendor invoices for the product that include the vendor’s FSC Chain-of-Custody code (verify vendor CoC certificate codes and company names at and a valid FSC claim (e.g., FSC 100%, FSC Mix [XX]%, FSC Mix Credit). Pricing can be blacked out. Vendors are defined as those companies that sell products to the project contractor or subcontractors.  

  • Communicate to contractors and subcontractors early and be sure they understand why using FSC is key to maximizing project value 
  • Begin researching product availability in the design phase; use standard (not custom) dimensions for wood materials specified
  • Note some suppliers will sell in any quantity, whereas others may sell only in large quantities
  • Can’t find what you need? Contact FSC US at or FSC Canada at