Sourcing FSC

To make sourcing easier, FSC has created a curated, searchable database of top FSC building products suppliers in North America, including product types, sales contact information, and availability. Scroll further for pro tips on specifying FSC. 

Pro Tips

  • Specify FSC in project performance requirements
  • Include Chain-of-Custody* documentation as submittal requirement (*Unique to FSC in forest certification, chain of custody verifies that FSC-certified material has been identified and separated from non-certified material as it makes its way along the supply chain, from forest all the way through to final product. It provides assurance that the material originated from a well-managed forest.)
  • Don't assume - verify! Verify FSC vendor certificate codes at - it's easy and ensures compliance with green-building certifications by using only legitimate FSC-Certified vendors for projects. When verifying, be sure the company name matches the code provided. If it doesn't, contact for help.

Sample Specification Verbiage You Can Use:

[Product Name] shall be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. As proof, provide vendor invoices for the product that include the vendor’s FSC Chain-of-Custody code (verify vendor CoC certificate codes and company names at and a valid FSC claim (e.g., FSC 100%, FSC Mix [XX]%, FSC Mix Credit). Pricing can be blacked out. Vendors are defined as those companies that sell products to the project contractor or subcontractors.  

More Tips

  • Communicate to contractors and subcontractors early and be sure they understand why using FSC is key to maximizing project value 
  • Begin researching product availability in the design phase; use standard (not custom) dimensions for wood materials specified
  • Note some suppliers will sell in any quantity, whereas others may sell only in large quantities  

Ask for Help Can’t find what you need? Contact FSC-US at or FSC-Canada